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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Welding

As the premier welding company in West Sussex, we are regularly approached by new and existing customers, many of whom have a question about various aspects of the welding process. This is only natural – welding is a lot more complicated that it looks from the outside – and we’re always happy to inform and instruct.

For the benefit of any would-be clients, here are some of the more common things we get asked:

What are the various welding techniques, and what do they entail?

Regular visitors to the site (and, specifically, our blog) will know that there are a range of different welding techniques available depending on material, size, and situation. Here at Riverview Welding Services, we tend to stick to the main four, these being:

MMA Welding

Nothing to do with Mixed Martial Arts, Manual metal Arc Welding uses an electric arc welder to heat the filling material up to 4000° C, creating a sturdy and effective weld. This technique is often utilised for outdoor assignments.

MIG welding

Metal Inert Gas welding also uses and electric welding device, but is almost exclusively reserved for indoor tasks to prevent its shielding gases from being dissipated by a stray wind.

TIG welding

Unlike MIG welding, Tungsten Inert Gas welding uses a non-consumable electrode rather than a filler. In effect, it causes the surface of the worked metal to melt, rather than melting its own filler feed. This makes it useful for light-gauge metal sheeting.

Gas welding

Gas welding is what most people think of when they think of welding – a guy in a face mask operating an oxyacetylene torch to heat the metal to melting temperature, prior to manufacturing a join.

What’s the best welding technique to use?

It depends entirely on the job in hand. At Riverview Welding Services we take a thorough look at your metal design and its components before recommended the technique best suited to accomplishing it.

I want a custom-designed iron stairway railing. Can you do this?

Of course, we can. Not only will our team of expert metalworkers be able to transform your initial design into a fabrication plans, once we have produced them, we will also be able to install them for you on site.

How quick can you do a welding repair?

As West Sussex’s foremost welding company, we can be relied upon to complete any welding repair in as efficient and timely a manner as possible. We provide a same-day service for our clients, where necessary and are capable of responding to emergency situations. The job itself will take as long as it takes, as we will never forgo quality and safety for the sake of speed.

Can you weld any type of metal?

We are the top welding company in West Sussex and we pride ourselves on the level of expertise displayed by our technicians. However, even we have to obey the laws of physics, and there are certain metals (steel and aluminium, as an example) that simply will not weld together, due to their being structurally incompatible. Where we are unable to produce a suitable welded join, we will have other joinery methods that will work instead.

Any more questions?

The preceding questions are merely those that we receive most frequently here at Riverview Welding Services. Welding is a difficult and complicated process to get right, which is why it should always be left to the professionals. If you have any other enquiries about the welding process or any of our other services, feel free to give us a call on 01798 875 676.