MMA Welding and its Working

What is MMA Welding, and How Does it Work?

Here at Riverview Welding Services, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise in all aspects of welding and metalwork. After all, it’s what has kept us in business for the last thirty years as one of West Sussex’s most respected and reliable welding companies.

While we don’t expect most people to be as enthusiastic about welding as we are, we know that many of our clients from all over the county – including Crawley, Chichester, Pulborough, Storrington, Worthing, Brighton, Lewes, Gatwick, Horsham, Chichester, Guildford, Alton, and beyond – often ask us about the differences between the different kinds of welding services we provide.

Always happy to spread the word, this is the first in a series of blogs detailing the welding techniques that have made Riverview Welding Services a name to be trusted among welding companies in the West Sussex region. This includes how the process works, and what it is used for.

We start with MMA welding.

What is MMA welding

Manual metal arc-welding (MMA) is one of the older and simpler methods of welding still widely in use. Also known as shielded metal arc-welding (SMA) or simply as stick welding, it remains a popular welding solution worldwide.

In a nutshell MMA welding involves an electrode to form a welded joint between two pieces of metal. The welding equipment uses an electrical current to form an arc between the metal to be welded and the electrode. This causes the metal and the electrode to melt, forming an alloy of molten material known as a weld pool. This weld pool, once dry, is what forms the join between the two metals.

What is MMA welding used for?

Most welding companies use MMA welding to stick two pieces of metal together. The process is most traditionally used to bond ferrous metals such as iron and steel, though it can also be used successfully to weld together aluminium, copper, and nickel alloys. It can be used in almost any metalworking capacity from the smallest detail work to the largest industrial structures – it’s all just a matter of scale. Indeed, it is this versatility that has made the process so popular across metalworking and welding companies the world over.

Just how popular is MMA welding?

Extremely so, and it’s easy to see why. The equipment is hard-wearing and, with care, can last decades. With a variety of alloys to choose from for your electrode extremely strong joins can be created, capable of withstanding impressive weights. Perhaps most importantly, it is a very simple form of welding, something that almost anyone can get to grips with, as well as being absurdly versatile. With sufficient practice and experience, you can achieve any kind of weld, at almost any angle with MMA welding.

Is MMA welding appropriate for my metal fabrication project?

While MMA welding is certainly a versatile and popular welding solution, it is the answer to every metalworking problem. Here at Riverview Welding Services, our team of experienced welding engineers utilise a number of different methods to ensure the strongest and most robust weld possible for your project. Call us today on 01798 875 676 and a member of our team will be able to recommend the best welding solution for you, as well as provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.