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Sheet metal fabrication and welding services across Brighton

Riverview Welding Services has been building steel fabrications from sheet metal for thirty years, delivering exceptional service to domestic customers, industrial clients, and engineering companies up and down West Sussex. In that time, we have developed a reputation for the high quality of our work, making us a metal fabrication and welding company you can rely upon.

A full welding and metal fabrication service

Sheet metal and steel fabrication has been the core of our business for almost three decades, in which time we have worked with thousands of satisfied customers. Able to work from an idea as easily as from a blueprint our engineers and technicians will have the perfect solution for your metal fabrication needs.

Metal Fabrication

Riverview Welding Services has many long years of experience in the art of metal fabrication. Experts at bending, cutting, and assembling sheet metal into whatever shape and structure is required, we can work from any design or blueprint, or even create our own, based on your general idea.

Assembled Sheet Metals
Welded Metal Gate

Sheet Metal

Though experts in steel fabrication, having worked with many engineering companies, Riverview Welding Services also works with other kinds of sheet metal. Whether  mild steel, aluminium,  copper, brass, we know the best tools and the best cutting and welding techniques to utilise the sheet metal to its full advantage.

MMA Welding

Welding and Fabrication of Metal Door

Engineering Companies

In the time that we have been trading, Riverview Welding Services have partnered with many engineering companies on projects both large and small. We deliver precision work, on time and in good order, and have already amassed a reputation for our quality and efficiency among the engineering companies we have already helped in the West Sussex area.

Engineering Companies

Your local metal fabrication and welding company

We work alongside many engineering companies, offering our services at both the metal fabrication and design stage. While we are happy to work from a blueprint or a detailed design brief, we are equally prepared to build from the ground up, based on an overall idea. It’s hardly surprising, with our experience and our reputation for quality, that engineering companies across the county instruct us to make their visions a reality.

Riverview Welding Services has been trading for thirty years and, between us, our staff have over twice as many years experience in the field of sheet metal. Let us bring that level of expertise to your metal fabrication project today.

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