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Sheet metal fabrication and welding services across Chichester

Riverview Welding Services is the premier metal fabrication and welding company in the West Sussex region. We have provided our services in sheet metalwork to thousands of customers across the county, from individual private clients, to large engineering companies who recognise the need for high quality steel fabrication technicians.

A full welding and metal fabrication service

Whether you are looking for something simple, like a gate or a fence, a larger metal fabrication such as a warehouse or shed, or something more decorative like a cut metal sign for outside a retail outlet, Riverview Welding Services has the experience and the equipments necessary to meet your specific needs.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication involves a number of processes, including assembling, bending, and cutting, to produce unique structures out of sheet metal. Often steel fabrication is the most popular sort, being much in demand for cheap storage solutions like warehouses and sheds. At Riverview Welding Services, our team can produce large structures, or small components, working with both skill and precision to get it right.

Welding Electric Generator
Set of Sheet Metals

Sheet Metal

Of course it’s not just steel fabrications that we do. Over the years Riverview Welding Services has been in business we’ve encountered every type of sheet metal from mild steel, stainless steel with a brushes or bright finish to copper and brass, cast iron and  aluminium. Indeed, we are able to work with most metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, so please feel free to enquire if you’re not sure.

MMA Welding

All our staff are expert welders, skilled in all major methods of joining metal to metal. Whether it’s MMA welding, MIG welding,  TIG welding,  or gas welding, our team of fully qualified welding technicians have the skills and the equipment to render a first rate job.

MMA Welded Stand
Metal Railings

Engineering Companies

In the time that we have been trading, Riverview Welding Services have partnered with many engineering companies on projects both large and small. We deliver precision work, on time and in good order, and have already amassed a reputation for our quality and efficiency among the engineering companies we have already helped in the West Sussex area.

Your local metal fabrication and welding company

Over seventy years’ experience

River View Welding Services provides high-quality metal fabrication from its workshop in Quell Farm Industrial Estate, in Pulborough. We can assist domestic, commercial, and industrial clients within a 50 miles around the town with their sheet metal fabrication requirements, covering such places as Crawley, Brighton, Horsham and, of course, Chichester.

The team at Riverview Welding Services has been providing quality metal fabrications to single clients and large engineering companies alike for over seven decades, and we’ve been trading just under half that. There is literally more than a working lifetime of experience at our fingertips, which we bring to every job we get contracted for.

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