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At Riverview Welding Services, our team of highly qualified welders provide professional welding to private, commercial and industrial clients throughout the West Sussex area. No matter whether the job is big or small, we have the tools and the expertise to deliver a first rate welding experience to every customer.

A complete welding package

Here at Riverview Welding Services, we have been welding sheet metal for over seventy years between us. Our welding technicians are fully qualified in all the main methods of welding, including arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and gas welding, and know the best solution for your particular needs.

MMA Welding (Manual metal Arc welding)

Arc welding is commonly used for outside jobs and involves the use of an electric arc welder, as you might expect. It utilises electricity from the welder, which is passed through a rod of filler material, creating temperatures of almost 4000° C, melting the rod, and creating the weld.

Manual Metal Arc Welding Materials
metal inert gas welding materials

MIG welding

Metal Inert Gas uses a welding gun which, like the arc welder, operates on electric heat. It also utilises a thing electrode wire, which is fed into the device by a spool as the welder works the join. The welding gun incorporates inert gases to shield the weld and prevent contamination by oxygen. Because of this shielding gas, the technique is almost exclusively performed indoors.

TIG welding

Tungsten Inert Gas welding does not use a filler. Instead a non-consumable tungsten electrode (that is, one which doesn’t melt in the heat of the welding gun) is used to melt the surface of the two pieces that require joined, creating a tight seal. It is an effective method of welding light gauge sheet metals together.

tig gas welding materials
Oxy Fuel Welding Materials

Gas welding

Gas welding (also referred to as oxy-fuel welding) is the oldest form of welding, and one that still has its uses in small projects. It involves the use of an oxygen-acetylene torch to heat the two pieces of metal to melting temperature, and joining the two together, sometimes with a filler, and sometimes without.

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Over seventy years’ experience

River View Welding Services has operated out of our Pulborough work unit for thirty years, and covers and area of 50 miles around. We offer professional welding services to a large area of West Sussex, including Crawley,Chichester,Brighton,and Horsham.

While we have been trading for thirty years, between us we have been working in the industry for over twice as long. This level of welding experience means you are assured of a high quality, professional job, performed by experts in the field.

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